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athlon ares g2 uhd 20 - 60x85 spotting scope - straight angle - 312007
athlon ares g2 uhd 20 - 60x85 spotting scope - straight angle - 312007
athlon ares g2 uhd 20 - 60x85 spotting scope - straight angle - 312007

Athlon Ares G2 UHD 20 - 60x85 Spotting Scope - STRAIGHT ANGLE - 312007

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    The Ares family of spotting scopes was designed with advanced optical quality and ease of use at the top of the list. When you're trying to collect that trophy of a lifetime, your spotting scope is one thing you don’t have to worry about!

    When details matter, look no further than the 20-60×85 Ares G2 UHD. Whether you are a birder looking for variances in plumage, or a precision shooter spotting impacts at 1,000 yards the extra-low dispersion glass provides vivid clarity and resolution in a full-size spotting scope.

    The Ares G2 UDH has extra-low dispersion glass lenses for color resolution and contrast, our AFMC (advance fully multi-coatings), and features BaK4 prisms with the new ESP dielectric coating.

    Filled with Argon gas, the tough full metal chassis is fog proof, better thermal stability and is waterproof. The lenses are then treated externally with our XPL coating to withstand dirt, oil, and grime of constant use. Choose from three different models – each distinctly different in size so you have a scope tailor-made for your specific activity.


    Magnification: 20 - 60x

    Eyepiece angle: straight

    Eye Relief: 0.77 "- 0.70"

    Field of View @ 1000 yds: 99 - 47 ft

    Dimensions: 16.9 x 4.0"

    Weight: 4.4 lbs


    UHD Glass - Gives you an advantage with an image that has little or no chromatic fringe for the clearest and sharpest image.

    Waterproof: Regardless of how heavy the rain is coming down or an accidental drop in the water, this sealed and gas-purged optic will remain waterproof.

    Fog Proof: Argon gas has a low thermal conductivity compared to nitrogen gas, resulting in better fog proof capabilities.

    Apochromatic Lens System: Helps in converging refracting colors into one focus point, producing greater contrast, sharpness, and color definition.

    Fully multi-coated lenses: Advanced Fully Multi-Coated lenses provide better light transmission with optimum brightness and true color across the entire spectrum.

    ESP Dielectric Coating: Reflects over 99% of the light to your eyes bringing you a clear, bright image and accurate color reproduction.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    George Dobbs

    More than worth the money. I work in Yellowstone National Park and I have had the opportunity to look through pretty much every kind of scope there is. I own 4 different scopes and way more binoculars than one human should ever have. This scope is an absolutely incredible value.

    Jacob Pashuto

    This spotting scope is amazing! I was looking to purchase a spotter for awhile and after looking at videos, specs, and prices, Athlon was the one that stood out. This is the start of an Athlon collection. The crisp clear glass in all of their optics are amazing as well as the price. You can't beat their warranty either! Athlon has got a customer for life!

    JR Grey

    spectacular clarity .. hard to imagine that going from what I had to this spotting scope made such a difference. Connected a phone adaptor to be able to take distance pictures and it makes it easier to see without have to look through a lens.. not that you cant but watching something for long periods of time through an eyepiece no matter who makes it, is monotonous after a while. Excellent glass.. and warrantee.. great customer service. thank you Athlon..keep up the good work.

    Silos Hernandez

    Love this scope! I was going to get the Vortex Razor HD for birding but I decided to take a chance and go with the cheaper of the two. And it paid off! This is my first scope and it blows me away with how crystal clear it is! The focus ring is nice and easy to use and the twist up eye cup is comfortable. And the lens covers are nice and snug and stay on great. I tested it out on a cloudy dark morning one day and it performed wonderfully! I got great views of my local birds including a beautiful Yellow-bellied sapsucker. Even at high powers the scope continues to give razor sharp images. The soft protective coat for the scope that comes in the box is a little bit too small in my opinion. Other than being a little bit large this scope is every thing I hoped it would be and more. And best of all I didn't have to break the bank. Thank you Athlon!

    Kendall Hankins

    First off thank you Athlon for working with AYOU Inc. to provide a scope for our students to use during a tour of Yellowstone. At first glance I was skeptical of a new optics company, but I laid that aside after calling to speak with the staff.

    To compare this scope with notable competition I tested sided by side with a Vortex Viper 20x60-80 (NIB). Through varying light conditions up to and including complete darkness both scopes had their advantages. However, when the final minutes, and I mean minutes, of light began to fade the Athlon won out.

    From a optical standpoint the ARES 20x60-85 showed exceptional sharpness throughout the focal range, and above 45x began to shine. At this point the Viper couldn't keep up, especially as the light changed. My subject was a white metal sided barn ranged at 1049 yards. I chose white to help differentiate color representation with warm and cool tinting. The Athlon showed better color production and presents warm hues against the white back drop, opposed to the very cool blues on the Viper. I also had the chance during this testing to offset the sun angle to check glare control. With the sunshade extended the Ares preformed excellent with no flaring present. Focus is smooth and easy to use. Power adjustments on the eye-piece were smooth with an excellent FOV. Clarity, depth, sharpness, and brightness all get high marks.

    Features and build quality are well above what one should expect and perhaps more. The overall construction of the Ares felt good in hand, easy to focus, and rigidly built to withstand rugged use. Eye relief between 20-45x is excellent, but appears to tighten to what I would rate "very good" above 45x. The eyepiece offers excellent build with smooth adjustment for eyeglass wearers. The spotter is, at a glance, very resembling of the high end euro build. (Good marketing choice)

    Between the two the Athlon gets my complete nod for overall build quality, easy of use, and optical standout. Price positioned just below the Viper and I must admit it is well worth it. I recently spent countless hours observing wolves, bears, and some monster bulls in YNP. Ranges, at time between 2-4 miles, set this scope in a very comfortable zone for me. To preform in tough atmospheric conditions (summer heatwaves) and hold it own against all the euro glass makes the spotter an excellent choice. Sure its not $2k, but with that kind of performance vs. savings, one can afford more outdoor time where we all long to be anyways.